About Us


Our Mission

The mission of the Great Bend Regional Hospital is to provide the highest quality of patient care in a family oriented, patient-focused environment using the latest and best technologies available. We will strive to empower physicians by providing a superior environment in which to perform outstanding healthcare. A positive and enjoyable workplace will be established for our employees where they can improve their skills, contribute to the success of the hospital, and where they can be recognized for their accomplishments.

Our hospital, licensed by the state of Kansas and Medicare approved, offers patients a safe and professional environment. Our highly qualified nursing and technical staff were chosen for their vast experience and their dedication to patient satisfaction, so you can be assured that you and your family are receiving quality care.


Our History

Great Bend Regional Hospital, formerly the Surgical and Diagnostic Center of Great Bend, started providing services in April 2001. The surgical hospital opened with two operating rooms, one procedure room, and four inpatient beds. In 2005, there was an expansion to change the procedure room to an operating room, and five more hospital inpatient beds were added. This expansion also included the outpatient imaging center.

In July 2009, the Surgical and Diagnostic Center of Great Bend took a huge step, not only by changing its name, but also by becoming the first and only physician-owned community hospital in the United States. This change expanded the healthcare options of Great Bend and the surrounding communities. The physicians and medical professionals at Great Bend Regional Hospital practice medicine with the most current technology and provide quality care in a comfortable and patient-focused environment.


Our Culture

At Great Bend Regional Hospital our main focus is delivering quality patient care. So how do we accomplish this? We have designed a Culture that supports professional and personal development within the workplace. Professionally, the staff is encouraged to expand on their body of knowledge through collaboration with their peers and partnership with their direct supervisor. Personally, the staff is encouraged to embrace a work-life balance that supports a healthy employee while performing their essential job functions on a day-to-day basis.

We truly believe that an employee will deliver the technical care necessary when the employee is able to be a good parent, spouse and companion at home. Culture is defined as a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists within an organization. GBRH Culture is defined as Fun, Friendly and Caring and these are also attributes that encompass what we have communicated as “Delivering the GBRH Experience.”